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We are a Swiss innovator and manufacturer in the electronics and power electronics sector, with a special focus on solid-state switching solutions in the medium and high voltage range. In our 27-year history, we have evolved from a developer of custom electronics to a technology leader in pulsed power switches and solid-state circuit breakers with a broad product range and a worldwide customer base.

Solid-State Circuit Breakers

The modernisation of electricity distribution is driven by efficiency improvements and the possibility to integrate energy storage and renewable energies. The increasing complexity of the grid requires new solutions to interrupt fault currents and protect healthy parts of the grid.

Astrol provides this solution with its broad range of solid state circuit breakers. Our leading breaker technology combines ultra-fast and arc-free disconnection capability with a compact and modular design and is available for marine, smart grid, industrial and research applications.

Our ultra-fast, water-cooled DC breaker for the maritime industry is currently available in three different sizes with a rated voltage of 1.5kV and a rated current between 500A and 3000A. All variants are DNV and CCS certified.

The Smart-Grid 3-Phase AC Breaker is offered for rated voltages between 6kV and 11kV and rated currents up to 3kA.

Solid-State Power Switches

Our close cooperation with leading power semiconductor manufacturers, combined with our extensive hardware and software design knowledge, allows us to turn our technology edge into competitive products, helping our customers to meet their high goal in achieving more compact, efficient and environmental friendly systems.

Our pulsed power portfolio ranges from standardized assemblies to fully integrated solutions, which are simulated, designed and produced according to customer specifications. With our in-house developed measurement and control technology and our optimised stack designs we can cover voltages up to 100kV and di/dt's up to 20kA per microsecond.

Our medium-voltage single-phase and three-phase AC switches are another area where our switch technology can show its strengths. Semiconductor-based AC switches are becoming increasingly important and are typically used in the railway, solar energy and heat storage industry.

Gate Drive Units & Isolated Power Supplies

Systems in the medium and high voltage range make high demands on the gate drive units and the insulation of their power supplies. In addition to the semiconductor itself, the gate drive unit, responsible for the correct control of the semiconductor gate, belongs to the key technology of a solid-state power switch.

Optimized, application-specific switch-on and switch-off behavior of semiconductors as well as synchronous driving of parallel- and series-connected semiconductors is one of Astrol's core competences.

Our offering of gate drive units, isolated power supplies and optical controllers covers a wide range of standardised and customised solutions, from low voltage to high voltage, including solutions for thyristors, IGCTs, IGBT and SiC modules. With the Astrol Power Loop, we offer a universally applicable solution for galvanically isolated power supply and triggering at high potential.

Customized Electronics

Our innovative spirit is not limited to our own products. Outsourcing the development, design and production of electronic devices to Astrol allows our customers to focus on their own specific applications and challenges. High quality standards apply to all our services, as most of our products are used in critical equipment such as medical devices, large research laboratories, railways and demanding industrial processes.

Our design services range from component selection and PCB layout to the development of complex electronic equipment, including mechanical integrations, embedded software and user interface. It is not uncommon for a development project to turn into a comprehensive collaboration with our customer, in which Astrol produces, maintains and further develops the customer's electronics over an entire product cycle.

Astrolkwx B.V.

Astrolkwx is a trading company and specialist in power electronic components with over 20 years of experience. The company is based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and represents several premium brands in its region. With their knowledge, solutions and components for power electronics, Astrolkwx contributes to the electrification and sustainability of a variety of industries such as the maritime, railway, and power generation sector.

Our team in Rotterdam has contributed significanty to the success of our Marine DC-Breakers and created a win-win situation for Astrol and our customers. As initiator of the project and strong partner during the development and the type approval phase, the team has proven its ability to make the difference with their profound knowledge and long-term experience in the power electronics industry.

After completion of the acquisition, our team in the Netherlands will be the first point of contact for all our customers in the maritime industry.



The new digital home of Astrol and Astrolkwx

The new website will go live in June 2023!


www.astrol.com            for Astrol Electronic AG

www.astrolkwx.com       for Astrolkwx B.V.

Until go-live, the current website of Astrolkwx remains online.

Current website of Astrolkwx B.V.


The new digital home of Astrol and Astrolkwx

The new website will go live in June 2023!


www.astrol.com            for Astrol Electronic AG

www.astrolkwx.com       for Astrolkwx B.V.

Until go-live, the current websites of Astrol Electronic and Astrolkwx remain online.

Astrol Electronic AG

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